Station Sloane Square
Pub Name The Fox & Hounds - last pub...
Where is it? Turn left our of station, follow road round to left, second left (Graham Terrace) on right.
Any good? Nice. Small and cosy. Not really equipped to deal with us.
What happened there? Simon questions Richard's girlfriend about her sexual practices. Repeatedly. Tim C & Elliot go to find more lively pub in Sloane Square.

Others go home (Jon) / Duke of Puke (Tim, Titus, Wendy, Matt, Steve) / breakdancing round Simon's and mess their chin up whilst puking into mugs of coffee (Ian).
Anything else? Some people get nursey with Tyrone and drag him off to A&E to sit around for two hours drinking Stella before leaving.

From notes:
"Ian getting threatened broken nose by Wendy for cuddling"
"Wendy - 'I don't know you very well, but I don't like you'" - to whom was this directed?

Take me to hospital, driver...