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Links to other sites by people I know...

Simon Still has pictures of his leg with some bolts in along with pictures of their wedding here.

Hannes Floch has an impressive collection of photos of pissed Austrians.

I also used to work for
Central Europe Trust, but they've since got rid of the nice cleanly designed website I did and replaced it with some foul beige thing. Urgh.

Satan, a good friend of ours, has also summoned up his own website from the depths of his depravity.

I also like these sites (not that I have anything to do with them):
www.fancyapint.co.uk - best site for finding pubs in London
www.ecfc.co.uk - for what's going on at the Real St. James' Park
www.popbitch.com - for bitching
www.theonion.com - America's greatest newsource
www.tvgohome.com - UK's greatest TV guide
www.apple.com/trailers - for the best bit of most movies

And that's about it for now...

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