Station King's Cross
Pub Name Duke of York
Where is it? Left out of front of station, up York Way, on right.
Any good? No
What happened there? Met Jon & Richard. Lost Will & Tim.
Anything else? Everyone walked in, looked completely lost, ran up to the TV to watch the footie results like moths to a bright light while Simon wandered around trying to dial Jon's mobile and some others left to see if they were in the pub next door, much to the bemusement of the regulars. I save the day by actually buying a drink. Jon appears from back pool area.

Simon gets very excited about Wales actually remembering what the strange oval shaped thing in their hands is for, and has to be physically restrained from singing 'Men of Harlech'.

Some people skip this pub to have a delicious burger from Wendy's ("Possibly the worst burger I have ever eaten, and I was pissed" - Tim Cooper). Most of Matt's burger is eaten by others on the platform. Matt demonstrates primate-like eating ability on tube, to disgust of woman sitting next to him (and our amusement).